Intermusic Production 2015

Inter Music Production is an internationally acclaimed music production company run by a team of award-winning composers that are based in Hong Kong. They posses international experience, attitude and vision from working with partners throughout Asia and America in projects such as films, commercials, theatre, game, art exhibitions, etc..

Established in 2014, our portfolio already include Le Vision Picture’s “The Unbearable Lightness of Inspector Fan,” produced by Derek Yee, directed by Clara Law; Emperor Entertainment Group’s “Two Thumbs Up”, produced by Cheang Pou-Soi, directed by Lau Ho-Leung; Emperor Entertainment Group’s “To The Fore” trailer, directed by Dante Lam. Overseas productions include famous Korean arist Do-Ho SUH Solo Exhibition in New York and London, New York Private Theater’s multimedia performance “America Project,” and Annie Award nominee Jessica Poon’s “April 21” and more. 

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